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05 jUNE 2014




















3. If you feel innovation seems to only emanate from your CIO and not in concert with the marketing team, then something might be slightly off-target. Servers and data centres rarely yield amazing innovative products;


4. Along the same lines, the CEO should be ready to accept that innovation may come from any level of the hierarchy. In fact, the whole team should feel part of the project. If the CEO is too involved and overbearing, innovation is likely to be hampered;


5. Create an environment likely to foster serendipitous creativity. No boundaries, no cubicles, no doors. Let your people interact more freely. Comfy sofas and a good brew can go a long way. In other words, if your team cannot socialise much at work, you have a problem;


6. What about in-house competition. Is the newly sought product likely to spark a conflict of interest within the team as it threatens existing products? If so, a great deal of explaining needs to be done to the team whose brainchild will eventually be replaced. The executive team needs to spend energy on alignment;


7. Is your innovation team able to stay in contact with your ground level business units? They should. Because the bond between both teams will be essential during the implementation phase;


8. Are you willing to release a “pilot” project or even a “prototype” to get early market feedback and/or warning signs? If not, think again;


9. Are you allowing your ideas to go full spectrum or global, including seeking third party help if you want to venture outside of your area of expertise, or are you restricting your thoughts to within what your own company can produce? If you are not giving full freedom to your team’s ideas, you might restrict the scope for success proportionally;


10. Is your team allowed to fail and still be rewarded? Or is failure not an option? This can be “make or brake” for innovation projects.


11. Is everyone committed continuously or is commitment waning as the initiative matures. In other words, is the enthusiasm holding strong during development? Innovation can be demanding and longer than expected. Like a marathon, those who pace themselves and keep the motivation going tend to do better than quitters…


We hope that, like at 360tovist, this little checklist will assist you in determining whether your innovation initiative is in your corporation’s DNA.

By G. Benichou - Chief Operating Officer




The illusion of innovation


“Innovate or die” says Bill Gates. Ok, let’s innovate then! Great.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works in real life, with executives responsible for innovation often left in no-man’s land when faced with the dreaded blank sheet of paper.


Of course innovating is generative of organic growth. That is why so many experts, consultants and leaders consider innovation to be the next golden goose. They go to great length in explaining why and how to innovate, even providing beautiful keynote presentations and flowcharts for “dummies”. The hope is that magic will do its “thing” and miraculous improvements to product ranges will ensue…


But for serendipity to take hold, the right set of conditions needs to be in place. The question is how can possible flaws be identified, understood and rectified?


360tovisit is not just a start up. Its executive suite has years of experience in design, IT infrastructure, science and telecoms technology - a rare and powerful combination. That is why big companies, who realise they cannot continue to rely solely on their own overstretched resources, perhaps out-dated methods for incubating new products or services, are increasingly relying on 360tovisit’s expertise in the fast moving IT sector.




















Indeed it is now recognized that bulky corporate culture and structure can get in the way of efficient innovation. A bit like trying to weave a basket with boxing gloves on.


Ways to recognise you might not be on track for innovative success


In order to help you ascertain whether your company is on the right track, we propose these few checkpoints, which the 360tovisit team goes through itself in order to isolate areas where the company might show some weakness:


1. At 360tovisit, we always go on about vision, strategy and direction. So answer this simple question: What are you expecting out of innovation? What does the finished product actually need to do for you? – If you cannot answer that, then you will find it extremely difficult to not only define what a successful innovative venture is, but also sell the project to your team;


2. As cliché as it may sound, follow your instinct. If a product seems an obvious billion dollar gold nugget, it probably is. If it requires reams of complicated spreadsheets and PowerPoint to prove it’ll work, it is probably an indication that it will be difficult to sell. In more tangible terms, if you can detect deferment of commitment or feel the need for more detailed analysis or market research, then the project probably isn’t doing so well;





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