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Why it is difficult to innovate
for star performing companies

27 MAY 2014




















So what do we need to do?


Far from chastising KPI’s and other weird and wonderful complicated creations, 360tovisit likes to stress the importance of flexibility as well as “business discipline”.


Management is often related to control, and control is good. Yet, it can occasionally lead to paralysis. This translates into linear thinking whose sole object is to avoid distractions. But when we talk about innovation, especially IT based innovation, getting your team’s greatest minds to wander can be a good thing. At least that’s what the people at 360 do. They do the wandering so you don’t have to. That is why so many clients chose to incorporate the 360tovisit team to their innovation portfolio.


Proclaiming that you are committed to innovation is a good start, but it is hardly enough. Becoming innovative can be very costly if done entirely in-house. In order to develop an innovation mindset, or allocate greater financial resources to potential breakthroughs, seeking advice from innovation specialists such as 360tovisit can be a very cost effective way to land solutions without the red tape, or significant restructuring of your company.


Further, when project managers start to feel the heat when a radical breakthrough project start to become a money pit, they will revert back to intuitive traits and might revert back to conventional “control” habits at the worst possible time, defeating the point of the exercise entirely. Letting 360tovisit carry the burden at the behest of your own business can mitigate this particular risk.


Predicting and directing is nice. Because as human beings, we like to be in our little comfort zone. Partnering with 360tovisit allows your executives and project managers to concentrate more on managing their own corporate risk by concentrating more on predictable surprises, or communicating on what is brewing and getting advance commitments from customers (in the last decade, this practice has undeniably been on the rise).


So get back to your KPI’s, add to them a good dose of flexibility, re-evaluate how a third party team of IT and management innovators can steer you away from projects dangerously approaching the “acceptable loss” boundary, and let 360tovisit help you boost your online presence and customers’ acceptance.

By G. Benichou - Chief Operating Officer



Because their managers are too good. And good management can be a hindrance when it comes to breakthrough innovation. Why? That is precisely what we are going to explore in this short excerpt.


Just like culture change, innovation needs to be rapid and radical if it has to be life changing


Monday morning quarterbacks are often very quick at criticising big businesses, coming up with cliché comments such as “failure to innovate”. As if innovation could be decreed. Now wouldn’t that be great?


360tovisit’s view on innovation is somewhat different. That is why, 360 business service takes time to assist its clients when it comes to their innovation strategies.


Good managers are taught to innovate, but incrementally. So that’s what they do. But sometimes, effective innovation requires outside-the-box breakthroughs. A sort of explosive leapfrog for your business model.


What 360tovisit executives have found is that the most common culprit when it comes to analysing failed attempts to generate radical enhancements is not necessarily lack of Senior Management commitment or vision, as one would think. Rather, it is the very ability to be almost too efficient at flushing out projects not boasting outstanding potential from the outset that can hamper innovative potential. In a way, efficient project managers have a certain proclivity to weed out inefficient R&D, which might be frustratingly slow to produce profitable goods, thus discouraging the will to venture out and explore.




















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