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13 MAY 2014






















With this in mind, the 360tomarket model is to extract our customers from the grip of commonality by developing along side their in-house team truly proprietary products, which no one else has.


In a way, the 360tomarket ethos is to steer away from ubiquitous systems but towards scarce proprietary systems.



Fighting to keep the competitive advantage


The key is to let us help you exploit your proprietary data using our proprietary technology and knowledge with a view to distinguish your business from your rivals’.


To understand this concept, perhaps it is worth at this particular juncture looking at the paradigm shift between what can be referred to as infrastructural technologies and proprietary technologies.

History shows that a lot is usually discussed about innovative technologies and what new wonders they can bring to businesses and their customers. However, very little is debated about how they will influence at the business level the competition landscape. And we now know that that is what is of bigger interest to you as a manager or leader of your firm.


Proprietary technologies, as opposed to infrastructural technologies, can be owned by a single company or individual. 360tovisit is a case in point. 360tovisit “owns the code and intelligence behind its technology” in the same way as a pharmaceutical lab would a patent on a particular compound or drug. For instance, a retailer may discover an innovative way to employ our technology to his advantage which competitors would find laborious, strenuous and onerous to replicate. 360tovisit’s technology is like new packaging material that gives a product a longer shelf life than competing brands. As long as your business remains protected by our proprietary technologies, it will enjoy solid foundations for long-term competitive advantage, thus enabling you to reap higher profits for a longer period of time.


Today’s web is becoming more and more infrastructural. In the same way as road building technology or electrical appliance technology, to name but a few. With 360tovisit, you give your business a fighting chance to stay in the very exclusive club of businesses who are managing to stay ahead of the pack constantly. A sure way to build resilience, strength and revenue for a long time to come.

By G. Benichou - Chief Operating Officer



From ubiquity to scarce novelty


IT is such a mainstream and accepted term nowadays that it would be challenging to find someone who would dispute the hard earned status of information technology as the backbone of commercial strategies. From the management of far-flung virtual collaborative teams to linking a customer to its vendor, hardly a cent goes from one bank account to another without the involvement of computer systems.


Further, it is widely acknowledged that as of now, the combination of IT and data has a strategic value for any business. In fact, digitizing has become a must have for anyone wanting to project their business model into the wider world.


This is what the 360tomarket team proposes to do. Not just create a web identity, but integrating the digital traits of your business model into a platform that will allow you to leverage the power of the “network effects”.


Once again, we go back to the basics of the initial postulate: that IT’s ubiquity equals strategic value. A reasonable assumption. But nonetheless incomplete, or even slightly off-target. Indeed, something truly strategic is something that can be the canvas for the sustained development of a competitive advantage. So we, at 360tomarket, prefer to talk about exclusivity and scarcity rather than ubiquity and potency. In other words, we like to focus on quality rather than quantity.





















What does this mean in concrete terms?


Your business only has a competitive advantage if it can differentiate itself from the competition. In todays world of “I’ll only buy it if it’s free” mentality, everyone ends up with a free email account, a free data treatment algorithm, a free this or a free that. Of course, a whole low cost market stems from the above and third party web service providers go for easily scalable solutions in order to make a buck by reproducing ad nauseam the same process, using the same intelligence over and over again.


Consequently, everyone ends up with the same solution, at least in broad terms. But how does that serve differentiation and distinction, the essential ingredients of competitive advantage? It is clear that you only gain an edge when you can do something or use technology that no one else can use. Otherwise, the competitive advantage is minimal, and therefore the “added value” that you are trying to market is also minimal. The next thing to come is low margin.

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