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Below the waterline, the added advantage of data

 13 MAY 2014





















Novel virtual tour solutions allow[] retailers to not only monitor the activity of their virtual shops, but also learn a lot more and therefore propose a lot more at the point of purchase.


Location analytics and the emergence of flow studies are facilitated further by virtual tours boasting powerful back office capabilities. But what’s more, that information can be portrayed in a modern dashboard-like fashion rather than the outdated format of interminable spreadsheets.

















By G. Benichou - Chief Operating Officer





Thanks to e-commerce enabled 360tovisit virtual tours and web analytics, it is relatively easy to observe your customers’ online behaviour.


Advances in tracking has brought a clearer understanding , to retailers for instance, of customer preferences even before a transaction is made. Thousands of data points identify trends and reveal where the marketing team should concentrate its attention. Something extremely difficult to replicate in physical brick-and-mortar stores.



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