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360tovisit technology originates from research in social perception, cutting-edge web technology and vision science adapted design. Read more to see why 360tovisit technology is now self-evident.


The web just isn’t print.


Yet, all the web looks like at the moment is everything like print. Why? Simply because of the propensity that human beings have to cling on to concepts belonging to the past. Current web processes and workflows are derived from the way we have done business since the invention of pen and paper. Understandably so, because it is all we had until now.


So forget the page, immerse yourself in the room…


The page has been with us for centuries. Therefore it has become the fundamental container of our reading material. It is hard to break away from thinking about the way content is presented to us. In fact, current editorial processes and content management tools encourage us to treat the web in the same way as we treat our all-so-familiar model of printed document.


However, the notion of page does not hold up any longer. Content has to “span” over large areas. The limiting factor then becomes the hardware. Screen sizes are the focus of many debates.


But who said screen sizes would prevent visitors from being able to visit a limitless world?



















The use of visualised information has increased More than 10000% on the INTERNET in the past decade (source Google).


The majority of customers now own smartphones, tablets, and soon connected watches and glasses. With hand held devices poised to overtake PC’s in sales, it does not take a fortuneteller to know that web design is going to have to keep pace with different form factors.


Wearable devices offer new interfaces for interacting with digital content. Although, speech based interfaces have occupied some of the biggest IT innovators, a more obvious one has not: the visual interface.


Neuro-scientific research suggests that we are more likely to interact with moving colorful images than static content, because they stimulates larger parts of our brain and call upon our ability

to be spatially aware. That is precisely what our 360 degree immersion solutions provide.


That is why companies keen to develop their e-commerce platforms have come to realise that an online shop should be more than a backlit, clickable paper document.



09 MAY 2014




















We use 50% of our brain for VISUAL PROCESSING!

We make sense of a VISUAL SCENE in less than 100 milliseconds

70% of our sensory receptors are in our EYES


Making that first emotional connection


People remember 80% of what they see and do. Only 20% of what they read and a mere 10% of what they hear.


Immersing oneself in a 360º environment makes the whole experience easier to remember because it is what humans are used to. We don’t live in a flat world. At least not since Galileo proved the contrary…


However, even reasonably simple visuals seem to spark confusion, and that can be a problem if the goal is to improve understanding and persuasion. Recreating virtual 360º reality gives the benefits of visuals and reality, without the possible confusion likely to be brought about by infographics.


The 4 pillars of our technology


1. It eliminates the need for data and relies mostly on people’s feeling that they are truly having an “lived” experience. Furthermore, it is easier to “guide” visitors through an online store by using visual cues wisely;


2. It allows the user to explain more about its asset to products as it capitalises on existing research or visual mechanising efforts;


3. It uses animation to inform, not decorate. User-controlled movement helps make sense of the information or of what is presented;


4. Lastly, it creates a strong emotional connection. It narrows the distance between the website and the user. The secret ingredient of every sale. It encapsulates the user mentally and emotionally, almost physically.


Considering all the above, it is no wonder 360tovisit and its existing customers see this technology becoming a format that’s as natural a component of digital content as static infographics are to print.


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